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About Turning Point Natural Care

Company establishment year 2015

Company started with 2 new entrepreneurs Mr Sunil ( mechanical Engineer)& Priyanka Gaikwad( Computer engineer) , business started with our interest in farming industry which needs a technical support from the new age engineers to resolve their daily routine prosetShowblems in farming ,with the proper analysis & market supply needs we developed a optimum well priced good quality products which stand with good reputation in market in few years, company participate in KISAN Exhibitions & Local exhibitions for improve the awareness of farmers to produce vegetables without harmful chemicals & insecticides.

Main purpose of our products to replace the use of insecticide on food and vegetable by implement alternate method to control insect infestation in the farm & Garden.

Turning Point Natural care Means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are 99.99% pure and 100% Natural in nature. We are from among India’s leading companies operating in Natural Farm care health Care , Garden care products.

Ours is still bit different from other companies in respect that not all companies have direct contracts with the farmers involved in organic farming. This is quite important because it gives us assurance of our products being 100% organic support for Organic farmers to stop use of harmful pesticide due to insect problems Our Farming & gardening products can assure our esteemed customers for the nature of products we offer. Our company has come a long way to establish itself as one of the leading supplier of the various products that help to make your garden and farm organic to national/international market. The history of TPNC-Organic ( Turning Point Natural care)goes back to year 2015 when only a couple of farmers joined us and now there are more than 30000+ farmers & customers use our products directly or indirectly in indian market with pride.

Commitment for delivery of satisfaction to each single customer

To maintain a high quality and delivery schedule in order to successfully caster the client’s requirement.We have made an tieup with best prompt delivery parterners which comply with our customer prompt and safe delivery of our products in each rural and metro cities of india, we are also connected with international courier parteners to deliver products of india to global market.

Our Vision

Is to Contribute to the Developement of the Sustainable food systems Bases on the Organic Principles to improve rural livelihoods in our Country and Worldwide.

Our Mission

Mission is to coordinate, Execute and disseminate strategic and Application-Oriented research of Highquality, Which Contribute to the development of a sustainable, Market-driven and Competitive Organic Sector..

Crop And Garden Care

Health Care

Home & Kitchen Care

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